Tasteful Robot LLC


Fancy meeting you here!

Tasteful Robot LLC was created by Matt and Andi Gleeson in 2012. It was originally established for independent software development, but those plans ended before they ever got started.

Andi decided to start her own tasteful project. Her first venture was an easy recipe blog called The Weary Chef, which launched in January 2013. After building the brand to serve thousands of hungry followers, Tasteful Robot sold the blog to a new owner in September 2018. 

The next tasteful venture called Too Cute Decals began in October 2018. Andi designs and creates high-quality vinyl decals for customers via her online store, Etsy, and Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, Tasteful Robot is now kicking off Tasteful Traders on the Amazon Marketplace! Keep an eye out for carefully curated products and bundles that will incorporate Andi's passions of pets, horses, kids, crafts, and all things cute.

Do want to partner with Tasteful Robot? Shoot us an email, and let’s talk!

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